I offer coaching services for solo performers, bands and ensembles of various styles.

Coaching includes assessment of where you currently are, and what you want to accomplish. From there, tailor-made sessions are structured to get you to your goal in the music world.

Coaching includes assessment and lessons in:

  1. Bullet  Stage image, presence and personality.

  2. Bullet  Microphone technique for vocalists.

  3. Bullet  Instrument miking techniques.

  4. Bullet  Arranging techniques for both original songs and covers.

  5. Bullet  Working with dynamics, expression and emotion.

  6. Bullet  Instruction in caring for your instrument(s).

  7. Bullet  Creating and stocking a gig emergency kit.

  8. Bullet  Selecting appropriate electronic equipment for your style and needs.

  9. Bullet  Structuring and running running your own instrument related equipment.

  10. Bullet  Setting up and running your PA.

  11. Bullet  Structuring and creating promotional materials.

  12. Bullet  Targeting your audience.

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