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Funk & Bagels, and Kelley’s Dream are from Bruce’s 1992 release

‘Mandocranium, an acoustic stringed Fantasy’

    Ten original acoustic Instrumental pieces composed with the Mandolin as the prominent instrument. A blend of Jazz, Bluegrass, Swing, and New Age Music, this release features fiery acoustic string performances by some of the Kansas City area's top acoustic musicians. The performances captured here are highly improvisational, and reflect the many varied influences of these fine players. Each subsequent listening reveals more depth in this recording. It is interesting (and flattering) to note that two of the review excerpts below are from Mandolin publications; Mandolin Quarterly, and The Mandocrucian's Digest. The heart of a musical community can be found in it's publications, and these two are no exception. The last review excerpt comes from a Kansas City Neurosurgeon who actually played this music in the operating room while performing several craniotomies (brain surgery), lending great credence to his quote, and giving an entirely new perspective on the name 'Mandocranium'!

	Review excerpts from many favorable reviews:

"Episodes of grace and fire mark this release..."
	Dirty Linen

"Graybill is a versatile player with a strong, beautiful sound, and his tunes fuse disparate musical influences into tightly-honed pieces bristling with energy."
	Marilynn Mair / Mandolin Quarterly

" A nice mix of hard driving Bluegrass and sophisticated Jazz. This
album represents Bruce's considerable talent quite well."
	Eva Sands, Research Director, The Folk Sampler

"Bruce Graybill is a capable Mandolinist...If
you're into Dawg music you'll be pleased."
	Niles Hokkanen, Editor / publisher, The Mandocrucian's Digest

"Great music to expose brains to.”
	W. Joseph Ketcherside MD
	Northeast Neurosurgical Associates

Other Recordings in Bruce Graybill’s Discography

Live Bluegrass from the Heart of America, with Drastic Measures

	A live recording of the first Kansas City Boulevard Bluegrass Revival in 1993. These concerts were recorded live at Jimmy’s Jigger in mid town Kansas City, Missouri, and songs were selected from each band for the CD. Bruce’s performance is with Drastic Measures, a progressive Bluegrass band. Other bands include Spontaneous Combustion, Haywire, Bluegrass Brigade, Green Side Up, Back Porch Gang, Bluestem, and Coupe De Grass. This CD is the only available commercial recording of Drastic Measures during their years together, and is a great addition to any Bluegrass collection

 ‘From Nashville and Back’ by Todd Hallawell

	Todd Hallawell’s wonderful fingerstyle Guitar recording. Todd was the 1997 National Fingerstyle Guitar Champion, and his great Guitar work continues with this recent recording! Bruce contributes Mandolin parts to one of the cuts on this CD.

Recordings of Bruce’s compositions by others

2000 Resonance, by the Providence Mandolin Orchestra (The Walnut Valley Suite).
2006 ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz’ by the Atlanta Mandolin Orchestra (WVS Ritual Dance).
2006 ‘MandoCentrics’ self titled (The Walnut Valley Suite).

Sample tunes 1-5 above are from the new release ‘The Bell Effect.’

Sample tunes 6-7 above are from the release ‘Mandocranium, an acoustic stringed fantasy.’

Sample tunes 8-10 are from the Providence Mandolin Orchestra release ‘Resonance.’

“The Bell Effect” is available as a digital download at

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“Mandocranium, an acoustic stringed fantasy” is available as a digital download at

CDBaby Mandocranium

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