Following the rich tradition of trailer-living, pick-up driving, spouse cheating, street fighting, commode-hugging, cry in your beer country song writing; Bruce sets his sights on the mainstream...

    "As a Singer-Song Writer, I have found that songs I write in the Honky Tonk style seem to be favored by my playing friends. Perhaps it is because they recognize some of the stories in my songs from personal knowledge, or perhaps it is because the songs are so clearly aimed at a commercial market, and they find that an interesting departure from the norm for me."

    For whatever the reason, Bruce will keep creating in this genre, and if living the lifestyle that inspires these gems doesn't kill him, maybe someday one will become a hit!

    Below are the lyrics to one of Graybill’s Honky Tonk songs. It was recorded and released on 'Plectrology', a compilation recording by the members of the Internet discussion list Flatpick-L. Check back with us in a few weeks for downloadable sound files, so that you can have a real taste of this number.

  1. Born Yesterday

  2. Cold Selfish & Mean

  3. Ugliest Cowboy in Music

  4. Who know's what I Know

  5. Would you call me Dear

  6. Rod on the Rooftop

  7. (I wanna write a) Hit Song

  8. It Ain’t Country

  9. Out of the Closet (into the Fire)

  10. Sending this Song

  11. By my Window

  12. Door of Decision

  13. I Just Can’t Sleep

  14. I’m not the Man

  15. Lonely on the Road

  16. New Guitar

  17. Quiet Hours

  18. This Wind

  19. Waiting for Time

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Where the player meets Honky Tonk!

Original Songs

Born Yesterday

©1995 Mando Kinetics Music BMI


Since the day that I first met you all we ever do is fight,

you're out there Honky Tonkin', if you come home you'll be tight,

we've been living here in sin, for just about a year,

these trailer walls are shakin', from all the yelling around here,

Your designated driver is all I'll ever be,
just once I'd like to have a drink, and you come home with me,
all my friends and yours they tell me, that you're a waste of time,
you'll leave me flat and busted, while you're spending my last dime,

Chorus 1
Well yesterday was your day, tomorrow will be mine,
forsaking all those memories, I'm leaving you behind,
its easier to walk away, than stay here with you and fight,
I may have been born yesterday, but I sure stayed up all night.

I saw you on the dance floor reeking havoc with your tail,
you called and want my Mastercard to get you out of jail,
I forwarded the message, to your mama's answer phone,
I'm packing all my bags now, won't be here when you get home.

Chorus 2
Well I'm tired of your cheating, and I'm tired of your lies,
there ain't no use in talking, we just don't see eye to eye,
last night I caught you with a man, when I turned on the light,
I may have been born yesterday, but I sure stayed up all night.

Chorus 1 (Repeat last line)

©2011 Mando Kinetics Music BMI